Super Two Players

About Super Two Players

When a player has between two and three years of service time at the end of a season, he may be eligible for Super Two status. Super Two players are players who are granted an extra year of arbitration, receiving four years of arbitration rather than the normal three years, with the fourth year replacing one of the player's league minimum years. In order for a player to qualify for Super Two status, he must meet the following criteria:

  • Have between two and three years of service time
  • Have at least 86 days of service time the previous year
  • Rank in the top 17 percent in total service time in the class of players who meet the previous two conditions

A year of service time is 172 days, which means the most time a player can have in order to be eligible for Super Two status is two years, 171 days. Normally the cutoff is between two years, 130 days and two years, 150 days. Following the 2009 season, the cutoff is two years, 139 days, which means that any player who has between two years, 139 days and two years, 171 days of service time following the 2009 season is eligible for Super Two status going in to the 2010 season. Years and days of service time are typically written as years.days, which means two years, 139 days of service time would be written as 2.139.

Pittsburgh Pirates Super Two Players

The following players are eligible for Super Two status after the 2009 season, based on the 2.139 cutoff.


Jeff Karstens (2.144)

Pittsburgh Pirates Potential Super Two Players

The following players could potentially be Super Two eligible in future years, based on their service time after the 2009 season, and based on the assumption of a full year of service every year in future seasons. Years of service listed by the player represents their totals following the 2009 season.


Brandon Moss (1.171)
Ross Ohlendorf (1.139)


Brian Bixler (0.140)
Robinzon Diaz (0.138)
Luis Cruz (0.126)
Andrew McCutchen (0.123)
Garrett Jones (0.158)
Jeff Clement (0.150)